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Awaken Your Shamanic Wisdom Gift Set

Learn the 4 Powerful Steps
in Awaken Your Inner Wisdom. 

Developing a relationship with our inner wisdom can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. We can live a more authentic and fulfilling life by tuning in to our inner voice and trusting our intuition. Learn the Shamanic ways of simple daily reflections to open your mind and heart to your authentic voice. Includes a practical mediation to assist you in your daily stressors and reflections.

A Short Video Message from
Sarah Breen, The Earth School Shaman

You May be Wondering - Why am I here?

  • You’re not here by accident!
  • You have a purpose beyond the daily rat race!
  • You matter to yourself, your community, and to the world!
  • We are all here to become aware of ourselves
    • so we can heal what we have not been aware of
    • while learning to give ourselves space to do so

You are here to rebirth a balanced state of mind by living through our unique heart consciousness even while living in a world of chaos. The heart calls from within through pain, emotional disassociation, repeating patterns, and confusion to order to build one’s awareness of their soul truth.  As we shift our consciousness from the ego chasing the next thing to complete satisfaction and peace within the present moment, then we can truly get to the root of our purpose.

The reality is, you’re living a story
that is neither a dream nor nightmare. 

And the truth is, this story will continue to repeat itself in cycles, twists, and turns until you CHOOSE and BECOME one with what is in alignment with your soul.

For 20 years, I lived a life of extreme cycles that resulted in me reaffirming my beliefs. Beliefs I formed out of survival situations and to avoid further trauma emotionally, physically, and mentally. Spirit would intervene through animals, helping spirits, and the elements to assist in my evolution. But the smallest human interaction would rattle the lens of my reality as I conformed to what I believe to be “safe” and “not safe”. As we grow, we form a specific view through a lens we call life. But that false lens can only take you so far in life.

At the age of 20, my lens of reality was falling apart. The lens I used to identify “me” as a person was no longer valid. That is when I decided to take my own life on a cold September day. My dog became frantic and stopped me just enough to listen. As I listened, I knew something was wrong. I knew life had to be more than it appears to be. I knew I had to stand up one more time and at least try. To have the courage to go beyond chasing my basic needs of survival and to tune into the call within my heart.

Experience has taught me
That the answer is - ABSOLUTELY NOT! 
Here's what I've learned...
  • It is not enough to work to pay bills
  • It is not enough to show up with no spark in life
  • It is not enough to do what everyone else does and to “just be happy with that.”
  • It is not about the STUFF! (Although stuff can be fun to add to the experience when we align it to our soul path.   Let's be clear, it only adds to our experience and it doesn't create an experience for the soul.)
Through the journey of evolving...

Just as a tree is formed from its desire to be born, it is gifted a seed to nourish in the Earth. The Earth reality is where we can create from a spark within the heart consciousness. To satisfy the soul we must be willing to take an honest look at our reality and have the courage to get up yet again. The heart consciousness beats with the heart of the above and below. It beats with your heart calling you back to your center.

Evolving requires flexibility in perspective.
We don’t know what we don’t know.
Evolving requires us to heal through flexible perspectives,
also known as humbling the human mind.

The Earth School Shaman is a place in which we heal through multi-dimensional lenses of perception to open you to your authentic self. As we shed, feel, heal, and rebuild perspectives that align to your soul’s destiny you create an unshakable truth that is uniquely yours. Multi-dimensional healing requires conscious living and clear pathways to the whispers of the heart. A heart that beats with ALL.

Your path is unique and complex.

We cannot compare your path to the soul realization of another. A shaman is trained through initiations in spirit and teachers to walk the lines of the great mystery of life. To guide and protect one as they come to their realizations of their soul on their journey.

Whether it’s a healing, course, or book that tugs at your heart, your job is to listen to its sensation. To become aware of your life as a reality you choose to walk and everything you are has NEVER been held from you. You never realized you had the power all along!

My job is to support and shed light on what you hold in the dark that was once formed from beliefs, karma, and generational trauma. The greatest and most authentic you is a light beam away from shifting your reality from where you are. It’s always been your choice!

We heal from the mind and map it into your heart,
your body, and into the oneness that is all.
You choose how far you go each step of the way.
I invite you to experience a state of calm, peace, and openness through a healing or workshop. Follow the tug at your heart because it will never steer you in the wrong direction.