A Message From Sarah:

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5 Pillars of Living Your Medicine

Learn the 5 Pillars of Living Your Medicine FREE Video series.PLUS a BONUS on the Energetic Components Needed to Live Your Medicine

The foundational Ways of Living WHILE You’re Discovering Your Core Medicine.

  • Learn how your medicine advocates for you
  • Understand why we react to life in certain ways
  • Learn the healthy ways of aligning with your medicine
  • Become aware of the pivotal moments that bloom your medicine

My Mission:

I created the Earth School Shaman to guide, support, and activate seekers, healers, and practitioners to their core truth and medicine. 

Through life initiation through the sacred veils of the Golden Shadow the Shaman is born within. One that is willing step into the medicine of their soul for your current life. Which means we must reconcile, mend, and activate the Golden Shadow of the Shaman within. Our mission as humans is to remember the dimensional frequencies alive within the crystalline energies of planet Earth.

Here at the Earth School Shaman, we walk the path of Living Your Medicine and the Crystal Skull Evolutionary Wisdom to remember the place our ancestors placed in safe keeping. Waiting for a time when it was safe to be witnessed for the humanness we are. To rise and create an ecosystem that elevates love, compassion, integrity, and respect.

Through the medicine of hope, we walk the veils between light and dark, opening our awareness beyond the self to the BIG Self.

It takes courage, passion, and discipline to weld the human journey into a living fully alive, present, and dance with the creativity that you fully you and I am here to support you if you are ready!

Earth School Shaman - Our Core Values

The Earth School Shaman's foundation is built on a set of 6 Core Values that hold us in alignment on the path by creating containers of safety as one explores and discovers their core medicine.

These core values are the bedrock to our wisdom teachings that are echoing from below your feet and into your heart.

When we truly learn to listen, opening to the world of both the seen and unseen, we can step beyond our past and sit in the mystery of the unknown. A place that reminds you to BE YOU; unveiling who you thought you were to who you truly are.

These Core Values create a code of understanding that assists one in rebalancing the mind, body, spirit, and soul relationship.

Integrity – There is a large amount of responsibility that comes with awareness. You can no longer unsee what you have seen to date. You cannot deny what once was, but you can stay honest to what is. A Shaman must have a strong moral principle that keep one close to their core. Knowing what you value and what you stand for in life keeps you from being seduced by uncertainty.

Respect The Cycle – Mastering the death and rebirth cycle is both uncomfortable and eye-opening in one’s inward unfoldment. Surrendering to your light within your shadows is a true act of unconditional love and respect for nature's cycles and rhythms. The Shaman respects these cycles as they always work for us, never against us.

Beginner’s Mind – Your first perspective will never be your last. We live in a sea of infinite possibilities and each drop of consciousness into the stream changes everything. When one remains neutral and opens the mind to the beginner’s way, your core begins to guide you in ways you never thought was possible. As we release control to micro-manage every piece of our waking lives, the teacher appears.

Teachable – As we evolve on our journey, we hit the edges of our containers we identify by. A Shaman must learn to surrender to one’s deepest fears, otherwise they become our greatest undoing. Suffering is amplified when we resist when we know in our hearts needs to be done. IT IS A CHOICE! To be teachable and surrender to that know by DOING those things we know we need to do. Be teachable to the whisper of your core and not give your power over to anything else… responsibility.

Balance – We live in a dualistic world with uncertainty in every moment. As humans, we create certainty through our jobs, schedules, and finances while at the core we know that none of that is truly certain to last. We must balance between the doing and being, suffering and surrender. Balance requires a level of self-awareness with consistent self-reflections and fearlessness to experience oncoming life. Balance requires us to put our big kid pants on and say, do, or be the things in life without judgement, resentment, or any toxic emotion that will put you in another round of karma.

Integration – A Shaman knows to not become self-righteous. Integration is the complete cycle of death to rebirth and ALLOWING your core medicine to grow with your growing consciousness. It’s important to remap everything back down to the physical level and be of service for the greater whole. To be a helping hand to your medicine rather than the poison that kills it off cycle after cycle. It will always keep growing, but it will mutate to meet you where you’re at every single time. Taking the time and space to review, honor, recalibrate, and birth into your truth repeatedly is the task of integration. Embodying your essence NOW.

Is This Work For You?

Wondering if the Earth School Shaman and
the work We Could do together is for you?
Who is this work for? 

Living Your Medicine requires us to get to know ourselves from a place of integrity, respect for one's cyclical self, a beginner’s mind, teachability, desire for balance, and willingness to integrate their life to date. Someone who is curious enough to undergo the tasks of self-reflection, learning healthy ways of life review, boundaries, and taking responsibility from your life moving forward. When life is going around another predictable cycle, you know in your heart this is NOT LIVING… it’s just surviving. This path is for those who have a knowing that there is so much more to life than the daily rat race. To feel fully embodied and ALIVE living their medicine. Life is MESSY and with a healthy level of mental and emotional flexibility, humor, and responsibility we learn to not take life so personally, so we have room for what has always been under your nose.

Who is this work Not for? 

I have personally and professionally made hard and painful decisions to fully move and give birth to the medicine of my calling. As a way-shower, I know that each and every one’s medicine is needed to create a sustainable human life for all. That being said, self-reflection, observation, and review are the major tasks of the Shaman. If you remain in past hurts, need to be right, need to have the last word, and speak over another out of discomfort… then this work is NOT for you. At a certain point in life, we need to lay down our weapons of self-destruction and inner hate and stop taking life personally to allow ourselves to bloom. You need a healthy level of self-love and devotion to your overall well-being.

This path includes Shadow work, which takes courage, responsibility, integrity, and a deep level of inner honesty. We are committed to maintaining a SAFE environment for people to express their inner struggles, gain different perspectives, and give birth to their authentic nature. We elevate and transform! If you cannot listen to another without trying to fix it, then more work is required on your end to open a container in Living Your Medicine.

Step Into The Journey

Not sure where to begin?  We have three pathways that all weave together and help you to move forward on your journey.  If you are ready to step fully onto this path, I recommend you begin with my signature program Live Your Medicine 101.  If you are new to the path or just want to dip your toes in to see if we are a good match for each other, I recommend you begin with one of my Shadow Work or Crystal Skulls courses.