don't hold back in September from what is happening! things need to change, so let them change!

We talk deeply about compassion and patience in this months energy update because if we continue to ask for change we have to LET THINGS CHANGE! By now we must realize that we can't have all the answers and the ego screams louder when change is upon us. This month is about trusting your inner resources, knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

Contemplate on these questions and write down your response so they CAN change in the energy of September for the Harvest Moon on September 9th:

  • Where are you holding yourself back in what area in your life?
  • What are your "ya buts"?
  • What are your worries that follow your "ya buts"?
  • Can you begin to trust yourself to observe the change?

Write your answers down and on the Harvest Moon (September 9th), burn your papers to signal a release of these self-inflicted burdens while opening your heart to reclaim your Heart Consciousness connection in TRUST and COMPASSION. After burning your written answers intentionally bring the energy of the fire into your heart as a reminder that you are letting your inner resources and connection to Spirit guide you. 

T͟h͟e͟s͟e͟ ͟M͟o͟n͟t͟h͟s͟ ͟T͟h͟e͟m͟e͟s͟ ͟a͟r͟e͟ ͟c͟o͟v͟e͟r͟e͟d͟ ͟i͟n͟ ͟d͟e͟t͟a͟i͟l͟ ͟i͟n͟ ͟t͟h͟e͟ ͟v͟i͟d͟e͟o͟ ͟b͟e͟l͟o͟w͟:͟

  1. Turning Your Visions & Manifestations - Visions in the night are manifesting at rapid speed. 
  2. Duality Gets Overhauled - Opportunity to come into a balanced state within our minds. 
  3. Relationship to Livestock Refocused - Compassion while inquiring about sustainability fro yourself, family, and environment.
  4. Heart Consciousness on the Rise - Feel for heavy emotions that cause you to stop and review.
About the Author Sarah Breen

Sarah Breen, the Earth School Shaman, is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Healer specializing in opening one to LIVE their Medicine. Through wisdom teachings, Sarah embodies the medicine path of remaining a clear container for the souls’ expression with each client, student, and group she comes together with. She has been initiated with a variety of shamanic-based teachings such as Toltec, Andean, and of the Americas, anchoring herself into her own medicine of the ancestors. With over 16+ years of experience and certified as a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Yuen Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Lightworker, International Best-Selling Author, Integrative Healer, and Ordained Minister for Life and Death rites of initiation. She is also a known as the Crystal Skull Shaman and Shadow Walker; one who has experienced the depth of her own and humanity's shadow and can walk safely between the world with love and compassion. She is devoted to the Shamanic practices as a full-time mesa carrier and lives embracing the ancestor’s wisdom teachings. A passionate animal lover and mother of 2 young boys, she understands that all that we do today affects our children (hands and paws) tomorrow. Ultimately gifting our children that which we do not resolve today.

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