We have a real sense of PEACE in July!

Although the past months have been a roller coaster of emotions and realizations, July offers a wider opportunity to fall into a inner peace; even among chaos. 

We spoke in depth in this months energy report on this and much more! Tune in to July's Monthly Energy Update for ALL the details of the Energy Ahead!

July's Themes are covered in detail in the video: 
  1. Clicking-In True Realities For YOU- Be mindful of how you react to others as they move through their own realities, stressors, and ancestral momentum. 
  2. Animals Speak Through Portals of Light  - Be open to animal sightings and how they speak to you in your overall perspective as a human. How is the world responding to us?
  3. Triangle of Hope Opens the Doors of Higher Awareness- Allow peace to find you as you reflect upon your relationship to the balance of 3s. 
  4. Collide & Review Through The Heart- The body will speak louder to the new resonance of the Earth.

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About the Author Sarah Breen

Sarah Breen, the Earth School Shaman, is a Shamanic Energy Medicine Healer specializing in opening one to LIVE their Medicine. Through wisdom teachings, Sarah embodies the medicine path of remaining a clear container for the souls’ expression with each client, student, and group she comes together with. She has been initiated with a variety of shamanic-based teachings such as Toltec, Andean, and of the Americas, anchoring herself into her own medicine of the ancestors. With over 16+ years of experience and certified as a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Yuen Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Lightworker, International Best-Selling Author, Integrative Healer, and Ordained Minister for Life and Death rites of initiation. She is also a known as the Crystal Skull Shaman and Shadow Walker; one who has experienced the depth of her own and humanity's shadow and can walk safely between the world with love and compassion. She is devoted to the Shamanic practices as a full-time mesa carrier and lives embracing the ancestor’s wisdom teachings. A passionate animal lover and mother of 2 young boys, she understands that all that we do today affects our children (hands and paws) tomorrow. Ultimately gifting our children that which we do not resolve today.

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