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Sarah Breen, Earth School Shaman

About Sarah:

Sarah Breen is a Multidimensional Healer specializing in Shamanic traditions. She has 16+ years of experience and is certified as a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Munay-Ki Practitioner, Yuen Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Lightworker, International Best-Selling Author, Integrative Healer, and a full-time healer at The Soul Purpose. She has been initiated with a variety of shamanic-based teachings in Toltec, Andean, and Native traditions, anchoring herself into her own medicine of the ancestors. She is also known as the Jaguar Shadow Walker, the one who does not fear what hides in the dark as it holds the deepest treasures of humanity. She devotes to the Jaguar and Eagle medicine of the death and rebirth cycles to open to our soul destiny. Once we learn how to die then we can truly know how to live. Sarah is devoted to her Shamanic practices as a full-time mesa carrier and lives embracing the Medicine Men and Woman's ancient teachings. A mother of 2 young boys, she understands that all that we do today affects our children tomorrow. Ultimately gifting our children that which we do not resolve today.

"Today is the opportunity to say "yes"
to your calling even though you don't know what it is."

What is a Shaman?

Dictionary term: a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.”

Modern Day Shaman (Sarah’s perspective):

A shaman is traditionally initiated from an elder and raised with the wisdom of the ancestors before them. A modern-day shaman (specifically those who do not have a community of elders) is initiated through spiritual experiences that test their stamina and faith. They are to recall their ancestors’ memories and learn through life experiences aligning them back to the medicine path. A medicine path is that of wisdom and application. Many traditional tribal shamans who live outside of their community with the sole responsibility of staying in balance and offer healing when called. A modern-day shaman must be one who does the same (be in balance and offer healing when called) while living within an everyday life. One of the Tantric Yogi Paths is known as the householder’s path. It is a way of staying in balance amongst the chaos and rippling it forward from within. Like any Shaman, one is tested repeatedly to let go and surrender to life and Spirit, reclaiming a balanced relationship with all life.

A Shaman is born then taught to manage their gifts. A shaman has many names but when they are born within communities that have a deep spiritual connection, the signs are seen at an early age. Typically, a child shows symptoms of incredible spiritual experiences or psychological break down before the age of 12. Most children experience their first spiritual initiation between 2-4yrs old and viewed as an active imagination in today’s world. In a modern-day society where we do not have a spiritual connection to the land, earth, and sky; our children are labeled with psychological disorders and medicated to reduce the symptoms of their experiences. I am no way saying that all psychological breaks are associated to a healer’s path. In a healthy community, an elder medicine man or woman would mentor the child and teach them the ways of managing their gifts to serve the community. In today’s world, children feel more disconnected and left to figure the path out until they find a proper mentor.

Sarah's Path:

A shaman’s path isn’t an easy path. I can say from my own life experiences and recovered black out memories that my path started very young. I can remember playing outside watching portals opening in the woods. Those portals where cosmic voids as if beings where speaking to me. I could remember hugging my knees to my chest screaming at the endlessness to those voids that entered my world instantaneously. Over time they turned into dreams, into nightmares, and ultimately into darkness. A refusal of the call had happened.

I tried pharmaceuticals, endured therapy, counseling, while also being very cautious of spiritual communities. I spent years as a teenager trying to hide my inner knowing which turned into vast amounts of anxiety, stress, and untimely depression with suicidal attempts. My most treasured gift was my invisibility. I could hide my symptoms, pain, and sorrow from anyone in my life. Leaving me to shut out my gifts entirely out of mistrust for myself and the world. I attracted people in a lot of pain and suffering to amplify my own inner cry. The beautiful thing about this path is that help always appears when you’re about to be swallowed up by your cycle again. But you must choose the accept the help.

The help can be spiritual assistance, or it could be a friend or lover. For me it was my husband that helped me feel important again. To gain my confidence that I wasn’t a bad person, I was a bright light that was caked up with mud from my own distaste for life. Every time I got up the path got harder. It seems unfair to say it like that, but I can tell you now looking back that it was building my stamina on this path. I disliked the words like shaman, healer, wounded healer, seer, and psychic.  As I resisted more the path got harder. Hardships piled up over time and sometimes erupting in an explosion of problems. The stamina continued to build. I was without a guide or mentor for a long time. Trying to look around each corner before I took it in hopes another problem wouldn’t arise.

When I was about to give up on life again the next initiation happened, a fire being within the Earth threw me into a trance. A trance where I was paralyzed in my physical body while moving through time space with all of my senses. A fire being approached me telling me the name of my first Shaman teacher. When I found her, I had no idea what a Shaman was, except that was who she was. A very relaxed and playful person with depth and wisdom. Curiosity struck me like of jolt of remembering.

My path started to get lighter with problems until I needed to shift again. Shifting is a way of saying “letting go completely and surrendering to what is”. It’s between giving up and standing up. Every time I got comfortable the path tightened and I was shoved into another birth cycle. Each cycle made me reclaim the whispers of my soul and bear witness to the pain and sorrow that has been endured. My levels of extreme experiences led me to realize that I have a choice in all of this. I can choose to live the cycles of extreme or I can fall into the experience of the soul. To fall into the experience of the soul is falling with little resistance, the need to know, or the desire to be anything but my soul. It takes a lot to fall, and I still fight it today. As the ego sinks it teeth into its needs and desires, your fall is a bit harder until you surrender.

Each time I felt I knew enough, the rug would be taken out from underneath me. Humbling myself each time with “you don’t know what you don’t know” with an extra “who cares if you know or don’t know!” Because in the end of the day the ego wants and the soul just is. I found myself in opportunities with more teachers, mentors, and shamans. All offering another way to remember my knowing and reclaim it in this lifetime. It’s a path that feels natural. A path that I cannot not afford to be off it! Integrity, honesty, fearlessness, humble, and curious are the codes I live by. I cannot be something I am not. But as humans we reject who we are far too often out of fear, pain, and humiliation. We reject our soul.

This is my path as a shaman. I still slightly cringe using that word as many have been raised in blood lineages and tribes that fully embrace and honor what comes with their lineage. But words are words at the end of the day. At the end of the day we cast them into the fire and only the light and smoke is left in the night sky. I sat with an indigenous shaman once who said “we are all now indigenous as we have all lived lives as brother and sister across the fire of both ceremony and war.” I sat in silence taking in the multi-dimensional image explode while hearing the cry from my heart. But here I stand, born into a white body living on the east coast of America. We have so much hurt to move through in humanity, and many don’t know how to speak of it let alone feel through it.

So I write this more for myself than for my readers. At some point in your life you have to smack yourself across the face and realize you’re a soul living a temporary, but extremely gifted, experience. I ask the question “what is my soul here to express and learn in this life?” and then I allow the path to unfold. I choose to walk it. I choose to devote to it. I choose to listen, to learn, to love, and to experience it all over again.

I look at our youth, the state of humanity, and the state of mind we are in as a collective and something must shift. I can’t shift it on my own but what I can do is shift myself to hold a greater space of compassion, love, and humility. That is my path, that is what I walk, and so be it.

What is Earth School?

Earth school is our human experience. The place where we learn BALANCE, gain experiences, feel everything, and build stamina through our core. It is the place we evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As we age physically, our mental, emotional, and spiritually aging may not match. Our task on Earth School is to create balance in the mind (thoughts and emotions) and come to stillness in our hearts. Coming into stillness in our hearts can sound like a difficult task in an ever-changing world of chaos. But Earth School teaches us to weld the chaos into creation. That is our job as humans in the Earth School reality, to create from the chaos in our lives into balance, peace, and happiness no matter what waves try to take you under. Earth School creates the container where you CHOOSE to exercise your mental, emotional, and spiritual age into your physical being. Wise souls are within all who realize the precious gift of the Earth School. A momentary experience for the growth of humanity. A place where we laugh, we cry, and we grow every day.

What is needed in the world today?

To recall the modern-day shaman within. Meaning coming into a balanced relationship with ourselves. To create order out of the chaos while remembering that there will always be a great mystery to life. Things happen for a reason and our attachment to the need to know a reason keeps the mystery from dancing with us. Balance means we know where we begin and end, what we are responsible for, where we give our power away, while exercising our limits to create more stamina.

We need connection! We need to connect to each other on a heart level. A heart level that leaves space with no judgment or prosecution. We need to recall the guides and teachers that have always been there but we are unable to hear their call. This is not dogma, this is honesty from experience and even I don’t know the all the answers. With awareness comes the opportunity to challenge the mind that stands in the way of your peace. To rebalance the mind and sink it to your heart so it can be informed by the heart moving forward.

The world needs the modern-day shaman to be your neighbor, your family member, your spouse, your child, and beyond. 

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