a process of igniting the wisdom of the wheel

This 5-part series meets you where you are on your journey, bringing awareness to the shadows and light to bring them into balance. Gain the courage to walk the path with a trusted guide who has walks and embodies the path of the sacred heart. Come to the center with awareness and honor.

Embodying the map is the most rewarding. Through the awareness that you will build in this series, you will begin to commit to your journey with honor and heart. It is a commitment to your heart and soul. It is a path that has been taught and passed down through the ages in hopes that we can reconnect to our inner truth. We will work through the forces of each magnetic direction, creating allies, and regaining our life force along the way.

The healing path is one of the hero’s journey, also described as versions of the medicine wheel. A journey that has been mapped out in our psyche and without proper awareness of this journey, life will run according to those trails. It is Sarah’s job is to activate the hero’s journey within in order for you to take the steps according to your hearts call.

In terms of the medicine wheel, it activates the wisdom of our ancient cultures across the world. It holds a set of archetypal forces, represented by animals, that describe the process of embodying the life you were destined for. Finding your connection to all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be. It is a path of death and rebirth. A process of becoming who we were destined to be. To become all that was, all that is, and all that will ever be.

This process is something you go through many times in your life as we cannot process all the lessons in one round on the medicine wheel. Instead, think of this as a process to live by. A process where you can operate from all 4 levels of awareness coupled with a deeper understanding of yourself, and more importantly to the whole.

Each month we will enter into a new direction on the healing path exploring the medicine, your spiritual development, your gifts, and healing on the way. Entering the medicine wheel will create massive change within your reality as you embrace the lessons and awareness. You will be supported through meditations, healing, understanding, and application in your homework between sessions.

You will learn:
  • The ways of healing the physical body through energy and the mind
  • Answering your calling
  • The tests and trials that can bind us if we are unaware of the journey
  • Deep stillness practices to help you come back to your sovereign self
  • Observing and healing yourself through shadows into the light
  • Making allies out of ancient forces to co-create with the universe
  • Heal karma and generational chains
  • Complete life reviews and develop a heightened awareness of the invisible realms
  • Complete healing altars and rites of passage to set you off on a journey of your heart
Class includes:
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Lifetime access to the Membership site and replays.
  • Lifetime access to meditations, all class material, plus class replays.

Start your healing journey today!

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