Heart consciousness alignment for authentic manifestation

Crystal skulls open the gateways in your heart when activated with intention, integrity, and love. They are tools in which you can anchor in aspects of yourself for greater healing and alignment with your calling. Whether you’re interested in working with them, have a group of them yourself, or want to experience the potential crystal skulls can offer you, then The Crystal Skull – Aligning with Your Heart Consciousness is for you. Shamans and Mystics have used sacred tools like crystal skulls for centuries for the connection to source and our stars, anchoring it into the planet for greater healing and expansion for the world.

Join The Earth School Shaman as she walks working with crystal skulls in a practical and healing manner. Experience the sacred container of your Heart Expansion and Activation! You will have access to the membership website for meditations and material replays for future use and application to your practice.

What You will Learn In This Course:
  • How to ground and recenter to a state of peace
  • Open to the channel of the crystal skull (bring your own or work with one on the altar)
  • Participate in open dialog with the crystal skull through multiple formats
  • History of Crystal Skulls
  • How to work with a single or council of skulls
Plus These Activations:
  • Crystal Skull Activation
  • Activation of your heart consciousness meditation and healing

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