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Module 1 - Welcome & Core Foundational Resources


Understand the core practices that set you up for success in finding the golden shadow.

Welcome to the Golden Shadow Program for 2024! Here you will learn how we are working from 2024-2025

Included in this lesson is a list of the CORE meditations to assist you in our work together.

2024-2025 Q&A Zoom Schedule

Transform Your Shadows


Welcome! Here we will teach you how you will utilize Shadow Work throughout the Golden Shadow series. Here you will learn the Shamanic approach to shadow work and we will expand upon it further throughout The Golden Shadow.

Learn the Shamanic Perspective of the Shadow

Learn the FIRST core practice to begin your Golden Shadow journey.

We need to address the fear of needing protection. Let's talk about the ego and West on the Medicine Wheel.

Learn to Flip Your Shadow with Tool #2

Learn the Code of Ethics we will be working with under the Golden Shadow.

2024 - 13 Golden Shadow Themes


Need short 1-2 sentence description here.

Discover the Shadow of Eros. We discover the blockages of your manifesting flow for 2024, activating your calling from within.

Discover the Shadow of distrust and disempowerment. These are aspects or magic we do to ourselves more than others onto you.

Discover the Shadow of the Bardos. Open to healing ancestral lines while gaining insight into generational wounds.

Discover the Shadow of Mentors. The humble link to enlightenment and soul consciousness.


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