Crystal Skulls Activation opens the potential vortex of consciousness gifted within the skull. These are collective streams of conciseness that become available when the right caretaker becomes available to this collective. They offer a vast healing, wisdom, and help along our journey through life. They push us to become who we were are soul contracted to be. They show us the way through our shadows and support us in our deep integration.

If you are called to crystal skulls then this is a class for you!

We dive through the basic, yet complex, information that you need to start or uplevel your jounrey with them. Working through deep connection with the Earth, reclaiming it with our Mother, and activating yourself with your skull. They are a deep healing tool in which assists you in your shedding process.

In this class we will:
  1. Ground deeply
  2. Clean and Clearing the crystals with Mother Earth
  3. Intention from our hearts
  4. Opens our eyes to the limitless possibilities of the stars and earth working together as one
  5. and so much more

We will dive deeper into the gifts of the skulls, guidelines, and activation. You will gain an understanding on how to amplify your spiritual journey by coming into harmony with yourself and the tool of crystal skulls. Your intention and integrity are the sharpest tool we will be working with so dig deep within and ask if you’re ready for YOU!

  • PDF Handout
  • Pre Recorded Material Overviews & Explanations
  • Downloadable Meditations for future use
  • Access to Zoom Replay Library
  • Lifetime access!

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