The most rewarding relationship we can have is a deep bond with spirit.

No matter what you believe to be Spirit, the use of Altars and Shrines go back in time as a central place in which one comes into alignment with Spirit. Along the way, we have forgotten the pure essence of the altar and why one would have one in their home or a place of worship.Sarah has been utilizing the healing power of altars throughout her practices to find the raw essence of its co-creative nature. Come and experience how you can use and create an altar to enhance, dismantle, and bring your life into balance.

Many traditions hold different meanings, instructions, and procedures for their setup. Although they all have a powerful and honorable approach to connecting to the divine, you will experience a neutral approach to self-love, health, well-being, and soul alignment with your destiny in this workshop. It allows you to heal and observe your life in a perspective you can only feel with your heart.This is an experiential class in which you will participate in creating an altar and breaking it down several times.

You will learn:
  • What altars and shrines are
  • How to deepen your relationship with Spirit
  • How to remain neutral while facing situations in which you need the guidance of Spirit
  • Deep grounding techniques
  • Connecting to your authentic self
  • How to LET IT GO and DANCE with the DIVINE!

What to bring:
  • Altar cloth (can be a cloth placemat or piece of cloth at least 8x10)
  • 10 small objects (stones, crystals, feathers, small carvings, etc)
  • Intentions (health, relationship, abundance, etc)
  • Open mind and heart!

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