In-Person Weekend Intensive

Heron Center - Westport, MA

Wolf & Raven

Alchemizing Shadow & Light to LIVE Your Medicine
Finding and Cultivating Your Sacred Truth
The Heron Center Yurt

333 Sanford Rd, Westport, MA 02790

October 25th - 27th

In-Person Weekend Intensive

Heron Center - Westport, MA

Wolf & Raven

Alchemizing Shadow & Light to LIVE Your Medicine
Finding and Cultivating Your Sacred Truth
The Heron Center Yurt

333 Sanford Rd, Westport, MA 02790

October 25th - 27th

In Today’s World, Sometimes We Have To Hide Our True Feelings

  • We smile when we feel like crying inside.
  • We act calm when we are really angry.
  • We look okay on the outside, but inside, we feel like falling apart.
  •  We have forgotten to turn these tough feelings into something good.
Listening to our inner wisdom is like learning from the Wolf and Raven.

The Wolf and Raven help us understand our true selves.

These animals help each other and teach us important lessons. They show us how to be strong and smart in both the dark and the light. By learning from them, we can turn our sad and angry feelings into something powerful and good.

The Wolf and Raven hold medicine to alchemize our shadow and light into our hearts.

In a series of Shamanic ceremonies, realignment initiations to your inner medicine, and deeper interpersonal healing, we will walk into the unknown with allies on our sides, courage in our hearts, and wisdom that flows from the unseen.

We tend to fear what's in the dark, but with Wolf medicine, you hold the courage, insight, connection, stealth, expression, and deep reverence for your family bonds.

With the Raven you hold the key to transformation, sight beyond your known reality, boldness, and the wisdom of birth and death cycles.

These two together make bonded allies to navigate your world authentically, compassionately, and with integrity.

About Your Host

Sarah Breen, The Earth School & Crystal Skull Shaman, has devoted her life to working with our medicine ancestors and crystal skull lineages. In doing so, she has been gifted initiations from the timeless. Her medicine is devoted to the creation and destruction cycles that reflect within nature and all of life—honoring the shadow while alchemizing it into the center with authentic light to LIVING and THRIVING Medicine. With over 17 years of Spirit training and devotion, she has worked with various Shamanic traditions, from traditional foundational shamanic practices to Peruvian, Toltec, and Nordic ancestry along with interfaith ministry studies. Sarah is a mother of two young boys, a wife, and a passionate animal lover. Through her own life experiences, Sarah was initiated into the Shamanic path through physical and metaphorical death cycles, leaving her to advocate for the delicate human life we live. “Life is precious, and if we don’t honor what has been and open life authentically, we will gift that pain forward, knowing that future generations will suffer the same consequences we lived.”

Sarah Breen

The Earth School and Crystal Skull Shaman

About the Workshop

Join us for a weekend immersion into the Wolf & Raven Medicine – Finding and Cultivating Your Sacred Truth by LIVING YOUR MEDICINE.

We must learn how to integrate our discomforts, pain, and anger through the medicine of our greatest allies in the light of our authentic hearts.

A Shaman knows that if we do not dance with our darkness, it will swallow us whole into a never-ending cycle of fear, guilt, shame, and suffering. We free ourselves through alchemizing and integrating into the heart with courage, compassion, and integrity.

During this weekend workshop, you will get to know your authentic heart intimately through the ceremony, meditation, and Shamanic training. We initiate the medicine of the Wolf and Raven as allies to further assist your life. This work holds a ripple effect, healing our karma bonds and opening into the creation your soul is here for.

Workshop Details:


The Heron Center - Yurt & Grounds

333 Sanford Rd

Westport, MA 02790


Oct 25th
6pm to 10pm

Oct 26th
10am to 7pm

Oct 27th
10am to 4pm

*** This is a weekend event. Please arrange your own food and lodging. We will have meal breaks.

Friday - We Arrive at the Wall

Enter the place of coming home to your true feelings. Here, we alchemize your anger, fear, pain, and sorrow over a weekend and release them to the flames of our Grandfather Fire. We spend time activating and attuning the body and mind to prepare for the weekend. Attune the mind to surrender the known, sacrifice the unknown, and release the fears that plagued you. Ceremony and Dreamtime healing will begin.

Saturday - We Welcome the Wolf of Sacred Courage

We enter the place of the shadow with the courage of the wolf and the eyes of the raven. Explain the medicine of the wolf and raven, how they pair together, hunt together, and heal together. We attune and initiate through the flames of darkness that are all around us while remaining focused on the now. Journey to discover their life experience (past or ancestral) that bind them into the past. Initiations designed to untether them from these deeper shadows.

Sunday - We Take Flight with Raven

The way of the raven and golden eagle. Attuning them to the rapid feeling of being in the momentum of the unknown, releasing behind them through initiation and felt experiences to drive them into the present. Upgrading the energy field and having them bathe in their upgraded emotional set point. Spend the final afternoon in integration, more silence after initiation of welcoming this sacred rage of creation into their body and life

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for you IF you are...
  • Someone who wants to attune themselves to their medicine, purpose, or inner knowing. It is a frequency when we balance our opposing sides.
  • Someone who is open to the courage and mystery that accompanies their medicine.
  • Curious and Open to living outside the box. Our processes will poke at the conditioning you have undergone in your life.
  • Open to learning different perspectives and challenging their own beliefs.
  • Willing to openly ask questions and add to the dynamic of the immersion. Asking questions pokes at the wisdom that is being channeled within the now and unknown frequencies. Most of the time, Sarah is reponding from the oncoming energy, but everyone is encouraged to ask lots of questions to dial in the channel.

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