Below is a list of resources such as books, gifts, and other practitioners that Sarah has personally worked with on her own healing journey.

Please feel free to reach out to any listed below while letting them know who sent you.

FREE GIFT - Unleash Your Fearlessness Gift Set

You are living just one perspective of your potential.

Learn to use your shadows as a transformational tool to unleash your fearlessness. In this transformational gift set you’ll receive the “3 Ways to Face Your Shadows & Unleash Your Fearlessness” PDF which guides you through three steps and includes the ‘Defining Your Boundaries Journaling Exercise and the empowering “Shadow Journaling Process. You’ll also receive the “Balance Zone” Meditation

Mind Spirit Mapping Book

Do you feel like you have lost your way, strayed from your purpose, disconnected from who you are? Have unexpected events occurred in your life to leave you wondering what happened?

Mind Spirit Mapping™ is an intuitive, heart-centered approach to help you refocus and discover your true path. You will shift from a state of confusion to a state of knowing and well-being, to complete oneness with your own unique purpose and mission. A traditional map shows you the way from points A to Z; Mind Spirit Mapping™ leads you through the realms of mind, body, and spirit.

Are you ready to evolve into your true nature, the true essence of you? Your journey begins NOW. Learn why you are here, how to ask yourself the right questions, handle roadblocks and release fear, dissolve the ego, and get ready to design your own personal road map to success.

Crystal Group

Healers Way Co-Operative is run by an amazing team of women headed by Christy Pillars!

I personally LOVE this group as it offers a great space of community and expansiveness.

Join the AMAZING Facebook group where you can find crystals, education, community, and more!

Athena Skye - Womb Healing

Athena is an amazing healer whom I have personally worked with through my own womb healings and divine feminine work. This was very important on my own healing journey as we create a balance of masculine and feminine within. She holds you in a sacred container as I do for all of my clients. It is always an honor to meet another healer whose heart and soul are open to their greatest becoming.

Alyssa Troob - Nourishment & Human Design

I personally work, and continue to work, with Alyssa with proper nourishment and understanding of Human Design.

Nourishment was a new concept for me when it came to food. As a mother I would constantly eat while running with the kids, taking clients, and trying to manage all life throws my way. On my own journey, coming into alignment with my own body’s wisdom meant that I needed to look at the shadows of neglect. Alyssa has taught me how to embody myself in a way that feels connected and whole. It was a big missing piece in my journey till I found Alyssa.

She also works with your Human Design which is a beautiful way of exploring how you tick. For me personally, this has helped me really get in touch with how I operate, dropping doubts in how I operate and empowering myself to KNOW and BE who I am. My work allows me to explore the depths of who I am and Human Design is an AMAZING gift to see how the stars aligned when you were born. It is an empowering tool and I encourage everyone to explore their Human Design and see for themselves.