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Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing:

Are you ready to SLOW down and redirect the trajectory of your life? Many are unaware that we are still attached to old patterns of ourselves, our families, and society. What does this mean? It means you are SURVIVING and not LIVING authentically. If you are stuck in life cycles, feel stagnate, feel you are at the edge of something, or a feeling of defeat... then it is time to reroute the course of your life BACK to its original authentic state.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is a medicine of the soul.  To reunite the POWERFUL but disowned parts of ourselves we have been separated from through life experiences, blood karma, and soul karma.  We bring you back to your inner peace and clarity of mind.

Each session includes spiritual counseling, a personal altar, a grid for specific healing, a follow-up audio session overview, and integration work to merge the mind with the heart.

Shamanic Energy Medicine meets you exactly where you are. Every feeling, life experience and conditions holds a golden thread of possibility. The possibility that ONLY YOU have the opportunity to choose differently in this lifetime. Each session, Sarah travels through multidimensional layers of your body and soul to find the imprint that started the karma in motion. It needs to be acknowledged and released in order for you to end the cycle of unconscious conditioning. Lifting the emotional charge to the root creates a new perspective on life, opening doors to your ability to choose what life you wish to live.

Shamanism is a tradition practiced for 100,000 years and is the root of many of our spiritual practices today. Sarah calls in a sacred container for each session formed from her 16+ years of working with Spirit. Spirit in the rawest forms from our elements, ancestors, Great Spirit, and lineages initiated through Sarah's dedication to her path.

The sacred container is made of allies. Allies that Sarah herself must remain in right relationship with at all costs. Allies that agree to assist clients and students forward towards their sacred truth, a truth that takes dedication to your heart's calling and freeing yourself of the bonds that have been formed through conditions in life, blood karma, and soul karma.

We are here to evolve to our highest potential on a soul level; we are not here to just “make it by”.

Sessions may consist of soul retrievals, shadow work, ancestral clearing, generational healing, extractions, rites of passage, transcending past lives, etc.


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In the Shamanic Wisdom Circle, we come together in a Zoom community to open your heart and mind to perceive a reality that is supporting your authentic life path.
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Developing a relationship with our inner wisdom can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. We can live a more authentic and fulfilling life by tuning in to our inner voice and trusting our intuition. Learn the Shamanic ways of simple daily reflections to open your mind and heart to your authentic voice. Includes a practical mediation to assist you in your daily stressors and reflections.