Have you wondered what is in your shadows?

Shadow Deconstruction course is a series of videos to walk you through working with your shadows. It gives you the opportunity to look at your world through a bigger lens while taking a step forward on your healing journey. It is a healing path that allows you to embrace yourself with compassion and grace.

A healing path is one where we open ourselves to all possibilities of our soul, realizing that by looking into the eyes of what is uncomfortable holds the greatest treasures of humanity.

What you will learn:

  • Simplified explanations of Shadows
  • How to work with them
  • How they show up in your life
  • What you can DO about your shadows
  • Deconstructing Process 

Comes with:

  • 5 video lessons
  • PDF Shadow Deconstruction Booklet
  • Shadow Deconstruction Worksheets
  • Neutralizing Meditation

Start your shadow journey today

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