Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program - Level 1

Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program Level 1
is a Foundational Process of the Shaman.

In this program you will be submerged in the ways of the Shaman from perspective, mapping, tracking, initiations, and ceremony.  In Level 1, you are provided with a well-rounded, strong foundation for moving forward on your journey. It is your choice whether you step into your medicine or not. The way of the Shaman is one who takes responsibility of the derailing of one’s path. Through healing, initiation, and ceremony we open ourselves to live in a clear mind, an open heart, and act in alignment with our true medicine. 

What is true medicine? ...That is for you to discover. 

We have all come together in community to heal and be witnessed by one another in a sacred way. By doing so, the stories that bind you cannot be unseen. The path of the Shaman is coming into relationship with yourself, and by doing so, you come into relationship with all that is around you. Your world becomes animated, brighter, fuller, and endless. Have you ever wondered how one can experience a life a misery but come out as a true healer on the other side? Through dedication to the Path of your medicine, you will see how that is truly possible.

Enrollment Begins September 2023 for 2024 Study


About Your Teacher

Sarah Breen, Earth School Shaman

Sarah herself has struggled with depression, suicide, family fragmentation, and discord as many have in their lives. It is a path that has saved herself from herself. Read that again! We are our own saviors and our own nightmares. In Level 1 you will be greeted with your emptying your cup in sacred ways that allow you to have the space to heal and anchor in your medicine of who you really are. It is an honor to bring this medicine to the world where once it was only passed verbally through communities. The time is now! If it calls you then the courage begins with answering that call.

About The Level 1 Program

Level 1 is separated into 5 phases for proper clearing, recalibrating, initiating, integrating, and birthing your medicine:

The following is an overview of each of the phases** included in this year long intensive program:

Phase 1: Clearing & Aligning Your Foundation
In this phase we open ourselves up to the foundation of the Earth, her medicine, and what your calling forward to. Before a garden is planted, the soil must be nourished, tended, and given space to breathe. You will find yourself in the sacred container of the wheel and the lineages who continue to walk the path today. Knowledge and practical ways to shift through the mind and body to create the space for the next phase.

Phase 2: Recalibrating within the Night
In this phase you will learn to flow with life as it continues to clear your mind. Learn the ways of the healer’s and how they tend to life here on Earth. Here is where we sink or float. Not sink or swim! We learn to float with a tiny paddle here and there as the mind is disarmed from the nightmares that try to sink you. In this phase we learn about Shadow work, tracking into our life, and how to navigate through our depths with compassion and grace. You will be granted spirit helpers and protection to assist you in your courage to obtain fearlessness.

Phase 3: Initiating into the Wisdom Teachings
In this phase we transcend our illusions and find a place of peace. It is a place of rest and restore. We learn to witness instead of trying to fix everything before it can be born. Here on this path your granted peaceful restraint. Restraint to continually harm yourself and others with thoughts and words. You will learn the ways of the high wisdom teachings and how they perceive the world today. Channeling with the lineages and The Crystal Skull Shaman in live settings will be offering during ceremony.

Phase 4: Integrating & Co-Creating with Spirit
In this phase we open to the greatest mystery of all; YOU! This is not a place for dogma, it is a place to take a seat by the fire and experience that connection to all that is and all that will ever be. We open ourselves to the birthing stories of time while experiencing the essence of who we are. Here is where we feel and create the connection to our community, rippling out into time, while anchoring in a destiny that is our birthright.

Phase 5:  Birthing Your Medicine
In this phase we bring it all home to your reality. We anchor in the now while pulling on the lines of destiny to inform our future. We open our heart and act in the world according to our soul print. We cannot turn back now, what has been created cannot be undone, but how you act moving forward changes it all NOW! Here we honor the ancestors, sending healing and love into the past and future, opening ourselves to experience birthing our medicine into the world we see today.

Important Information About This Program

**PLEASE NOTE:  The phases & their delivery is subject to change at any time based upon the community that comes together for each level. The Earth School Shaman channels the wisdom through her medicine and delivers it to the community in a way that creates the space and healing for all. You will be asked to challenge yourself but challenge yourself in a loving way that opens those pockets of wisdom within.

If you are someone who is easily triggered, defensive, or ridged in your belief system, this path is NOT for you.

Yes, we all need to heal through our triggers, but we are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for the community to open up and do a vast amount of healing work in a relatively short amount of time compared to your age. This is a judgement free zone where each student can be honored and witnessed for their stories while healing what needs to be mended. If a student becomes a risk to the community, that student will be asked to leave until they have done the work that is required for them to hold a container for all. This is our dedication to the community and its integrity.


Completion of our 6-Month Shamanic Wisdom 101 program is a prerequisite to enroll in the Level 1 Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program.  Please visit our Shamanic Wisdom 101 program overview to learn more about this foundational program and to enroll.  

Enrollment Begins September 2023 for 2024 Study


Program Investment:

Level 1 Tuition Cost - $1,895
(Monthly Payment Plans Available)

Your Tuition Includes:

  • In-depth teaching and discovery of all five phases
  • In-person and/or Zoom attendance for all 5 submersions weekends (Friday PM, Saturday All Day, Sunday All Day)
  • Access to material online with replays
  • All mediations and journeys
  • You will receive a binder and material for each phase as you move along on your journey

**Optional retreat offered to Level 1 grads is an additional cost to be announced at a future date.

Enrollment Begins September 2023 for 2024 Study