Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program

What is the Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program?

The Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program is a journey to inner awareness, helping you to bring you into balance with your Soul's calling.

An alchemist in the shamanic and mystical realms is one that heals deeply from within while maintaining a balanced way of being in the world.  As you heal, you come into rightful relationship with the greater whole. Healing ripples out further than you could possibly imagine into your family, past lives, and future lives.

Why I created the Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program...

I have studied and worked to integrate my own life experiences, training and initiations in order to create a leveled foundation of healing and transformation for each individual to follow as far as they wish to take it.  The world of a Shaman is without boundaries and time in Spirit. You grow into the concepts and knowledge that can carry you through a life full of LIVING fearlessly, passionately, and with integrity. A Shaman is someone who gains understanding while learning to navigate their own energy field so they can assist others by being balanced themselves. You become a clear mirror, a safe haven, and a compassionate guide for those around you.

Earth School Shaman LLC is dedicated to creating a powerful and authentic experience for you to explore your own healing journey AND step into the role of healer as you shift and grow. 

How does the program work?

The Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Program will take you through three (3) levels of discovery, healing and wisdom.  Each level contains a series of classes and experiences that lead you through a self-paced journey.  The curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation so that each additional level/step you take enhances and builds upon the wisdom and lessons you've already moved through.   

At the end of the three levels, you will have all the tools you need to live a healthy, balanced and full life AND assist other in walking their own journey.

Getting Started on the
Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Path

Shamanic Wisdom 101

Shamanic Wisdom 101 is a prerequisite to the Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner program and is designed to ensure that you begin your journey with a strong foundation.  

This robust 12 module 6 month course based on my Mind Spirit Mapping Book, consists of 33 powerful lessons designed to support you as you step more fully into your own healing journey and return to your true soul's calling.   It will help you to get clear about what your TRUTH is and will support you as you realign with that Truth.  

Upon completion of the Shamanic Wisdom 101 course, you will be ready to embark on the Shamanic Alchemist Practitioner Journey.

You can learn more about the Shamanic Wisdom 101 program HERE

About the Levels

Level 1: Foundational Process of the Shaman

In this program you will be submerged in the ways of the Shaman from perspective, mapping, tracking, initiations, and ceremony. In Level 1, you are provided with a well-rounded, strong foundation for moving forward on your journey. It is your choice whether you step into your medicine or not. The way of the Shaman is one who takes responsibility of the derailing of one’s path. Through healing, initiation, and ceremony we open ourselves to live in a clear mind, an open heart, and act in alignment with our true medicine.

What is true medicine?

That is for you to discover. We have all come together in community to heal and be witnessed by one another in a sacred way. By doing so, the stories that bind you cannot be unseen. The path of the Shaman is coming into relationship with yourself, and by doing so, you come into relationship with all that is around you. Your world becomes animated, brighter, fuller, and endless. Have you ever wondered how one can experience a life a misery but come out as a true healer on the other side? Through dedication to the Path of your medicine, you will see how that is truly possible.

You can learn more about the Level 1 Program HERE

Level 2:  Shamanic Development & Structure

Once completed the Journey of Shamanic Wisdom 101 and Level 1, you are initiated into the healing path of the Shaman. Now that you have completed your training of clearing your mind and opening your heart; it is time to put that into service within your medicine. You will be submerged in a yearlong study of the Earth Healers, Shadow Walkers, and Story tellers. Through each phase you will ignite the seeds within your being into harmony around you; like the fire that blesses you on your journey. Coming into a deep relationship with the medicine that you are here to express in the world. No matter how big or small it is, you’re here to be at the center of it. Navigating the realities, we call life in an empowering way that creates an undeniable truth to you.

Level 2 is for those who are ready to devote to inner healing, soul repair, and owning your medicine. Through ceremony and initiation, the path is offered and it’s your turn to begin to walk it. Done in community we walk together, supporting one another to deepening one's connection to the whole.

Level 2 Program will be offered in-person and virtually
beginning in 2024

Level 3: Shamanic Apprenticeship

Level 3 is for those who have activy worked through all previous levels and are looking to learn how to hold a greater space for themselves and clients. Walk the shadow realms of birth and death as you hold onto the authentic medicine of a human experince. 

Program Key Concepts, Techniques & Skills
  • Light & Shadow Work
  • Death & Birth Rites
  • Self-Mastery in the PRESENT moment cycle death in order to have a greater space for authentic healing, manifesting, and clarity.
  • Offered in small groups with 1-on-1 mentoring and shadow assistance.
Level 3 Program will be offered in-person and virtually
beginning in late 2025