A series of 12 classes recorded in 2021 on various Shamanic topics to help guide you into the wisdom within. 
Each class is a stand alone complete topic while the combination of them all move you through a healing process of awareness.

Topics Covered:

Realign with our Ancient principles:

Understand the simplified principles of our lost traditions. Meet our most ancient ancestors, lost stories, and belief structures that keep us in a holding pattern.

Shamanic Journeying for Healing:

Learn your journey landscape and healing center where you can cooperate in your own healing journey.

Medicine People Fear Nothing:

Determine your impeccable set of ethics. Learn where fear was created and how you can obtain a state of fearlessness by beginning to uncover your hidden story.

Healing our Cave:

Explore the world of shadows, fears, stress, anxiety… learn how to hold yourself in a space of peace. We have to dare to venture into the depths of our being.

Embodiment of Soul:

Learn how to bring yourself back into your body where the most profound healing takes place.

Walking with your Shadows:

Learn how to walk with your shadows, make allies out of them, and withhold yourself to authenticity.

Shamanic Timelessness:

Learn how linear time hold you to a fate not a destiny. Travel into the journey realm of infinity in practical ways.

Shamanic Dreamwalking:

Learn how to work with your dreams in your waking moments. Make your sleeping time more productive while obtaining ways to assist in your souls healing process.

Shamanic Tal ly:

Learn the shamanic karma tally system. How to release you own Karma, find the karma loops, and heal within you.

Shamanic Intent:

Learn the difference between light/dark, good/evil in intent. Intent is a Shamans sharpest tool in their healing.

Shamanic Light and Dark workers:

Learn the difference between dark and light workers. It may not be what you believe. How to hold impeccable truth rather than fear.

Shamanic Truth Seeking:

Self-love, acceptance, and heart centering is the gate keeper to all of our psychic gifts and healing our souls. Honoring your OWN healing process in self-love will create steppingstones towards authentic integration of your soul journey.

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