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Shamanic Wisdom Circle

Listen to a brief overview from Sarah Breen, Earth School Shaman

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What is the Shamanic Wisdom Circle?

In the Shamanic Wisdom Circle, we come together in a Zoom community to open your heart and mind to perceive a reality that is supporting your authentic life path. 

Through a Shamanic perspective, each month, we will:

  • recenter the mind
  • release the chains that bind us
  • and open our hearts to be in service to our soul’s deepest longings

When we come together, either live or through a replay, we create a resonance that creates change within the energy field around and within you. By altering that field regularly, one can experience the connections and expression of your true nature. We are living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with realities that do not align with our true essence.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

What's Included In the Shamanic Wisdom Circle?

Shamanic Wisdom Circle Includes:
  • Monthly 90 min Zoom circle aired at 7pm EST on 1st Wednesday of each month
  • Shamanic Wisdom share
  • Access to monthly and yearly topics expanded
  • Channelings for monthly energy and how to apply it in your life
  • Community share time (circle can run up to 2hrs some months)
  • Monthly meditations and journey tracks to assist you in embodying your wisdom
  • Access to all replays, mediations, and gifts through Membership Portal
  • Special discounts on events and courses

All circle members also receive access to our exclusive 'member's only' Core Foundational Practices Resources.  These resources are created specifically to help members like you to develop core practices that help you to ground, center and open to your own personal healing and medicine.  

What Can I Expect Each Month In The Circle?

In the Shamanic Wisdom Circle, each month, we will work with the energies that were channelled to me as part of my 2023 Yearly Overview Reading.

2023 Schedule Theme’s

The Year of Divine Timing
learning to release our tight grip on life so it can bloom
(subject to change based on the energy current of the time)


Reorganizing Needs & Desires into Tangible YET Sustainable Steps

Come to circle to reorganize your perceived reality into a sustainable one. Get clear on what YOUR authentic needs and desires behind the perceived reality. How to open yourself in a space that can surprise you with the answers.


Paradoxical Trauma Responses for healing the Mind.

Come to circle to gently uncover our mind responses and embracing the lesson that surfaces. To compassionately open your heart to offer space for the mind to quiet its extreme voice and heal the inner child. Learn the wisdom of core wounding and release work.


The Bark of the Tree holds Scars of Life… or is it really scars?

Come to circle to discuss and expand your life’s story. Is it scars or is it expansion? Age doesn’t always mean wisdom. Are we passing stories or fear or empowerment? Nature teaches us the story of growth and expansion even through storms.


Sun Food Calling You Back to Your Roots.

Come to circle as we expand the wisdom to being a Child of the Sun. Solar medicine holds wisdom just as the moon does. The sun allows us to declutter our energy system and heal with the rays of light. We will discuss actionable steps to prepare of the winter and shedding season.


The Anatomy of a Secret.

Come to circle as we discuss and experience the secret of the soul, how we apply it, and when we speak about it with others. Learn how to we give our power away and how we can re-engage our power in a fraction of the time. We are a mystery, and that mystery will guide us along our journey ALWAYS!


Monstrous Masks are Revealed Within.

Come to circle as we discuss the growing paths of the ego that can derail your progress.? We all have the potential to be Buddhas AND a monster. Our inner monster holds a key to our primal power. A key to evolving into your authentic power. The ego has a last-ditch effort to stop you from needing its voice as you rise in your calling. We come together to mend the darkness so the authentic light can shine within.


Health is Wealth... Reconfiguration of what is truly important to you.

a.Come to circle as we discuss how our health gives us access to our ABUNDANCE, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Take a deep dive into questioning yourself on levels of what is important to you in a aligned manner. Coming into an aligned relationship with yourself creates what ripples back to you. Take one task at a time!

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