The Golden Shadow Program

13 Phases of Shadow Transformation

with Sarah Breen - The Earth School Shaman

2024 Journey of Thriving Through Our Shadows

Flowing & Healing with Monthly Energies, Shadow Phases, and Embrace Your Inner Golden Light

 Spring March 2024 to March 2025:
We embrace the Shadow Wheel from Spring 2024 to Spring 2025.

  • Learn to empower yourself by healing through the Wheel of the Golden Shadow - 13 phases of Shadow Transformation.
  • Each year offers an opportunity to observe, reconcile, heal, and transform into your authentic calling
  • 2024 is a year of finding balance within the projected world's chaos.

Why the Phases of the Shadow?

Each month holds the possibility of uncovering the golden shadow. 

Carl Jung states that “the shadow is 90% pure gold” as it holds our souls’ greatest gifts to uncover in our current life.

The shadow is hidden for a reason. Waiting for you to have the courage and willingness to uncover its potential.

No matter where you are on your journey, we enter the right time to transform from the rat race to an empowered, authentic human BEING dancing with one's shadows with poise.

A Shaman balances between the dark and light—embracing fearlessness by empowering oneself to challenge what blinds us. All growth is done within phases, cycles, and rhythms. Each year offers an elevated way to move through the spiral of life. This is where wisdom is born. A felt experience that teaches you a new level of love and compassion.

The Buddha said...All I teach is suffering and the end of suffering”.

In his teachings, he doesn’t necessarily associate it to physical suffering as much as it is the mental suffering we undergo as an attempt to hold onto pleasure as it flows in and out of our lives. Shaman references the Shadow in suffering as it is one's attempt to grasp anything that gives them lasting pleasure to avoid the discomfort of transforming into its highest potential. Also known as the fear of the unknown.

The shadow is created from a single or series of life experiences that create a lasting suffering state within the mental/emotional/physical body. It is hidden within our unaligned beliefs, fears, and behavioral tendencies to avoid pain and suffering.

Our job is to see and transform the shadow consciously into its golden rays of potential. 

How do we do this? 

As our ancestors have done before us, we walk and experience the medicine wheel in the NOW.

2024 Phases of the Shadow:

Over the course of 13 months, you will undergo a series of Shamanic-based tasks, self-reflections, observations, and integrations of each month’s energy, shadow theme, and earth-to-stars correlation to create a physical healing medicine bag. Your medicine bag will assist you on your healing journey over the year, learning ways to integrate your golden shadow’s energy.

In the Golden Shadow, each month, we will work with the energies that were channelled to me as part of my 2024 Yearly Overview Reading.

2024 Golden Shadow Journey Themes

Thrive Through Your Shadows - Live Your Medicine!

  1. Flow – Discover the Shadow of Eros. We discover the blockages of your manifesting flow for 2024, activating your calling from within.
  2. Trust – Discover the Shadow of distrust and disempowerment. These are aspects or magic we do to ourselves more than others onto you.
  3. Illusion – Discover the Shadow of the Bardos. Open to healing ancestral lines while gaining insight into generational wounds.
  4. Knowledge – Discover the Shadow of Mentors. The humble link to enlightenment and soul consciousness.
  5. Warrior – Discover the Shadow of Hunter and Prey. A balancing lesson for growth in emotional intelligence.
  6. Lover – Discover the Shadow of Presence. The place of resistance to play and anchoring into what matters.
  7. Reverence – Discover the Shadow of the One. An energy that eludes us within the unknown. When out of balance creates uncertainty.
  8. Ego – Discover the Shadow of Prayer. Something that takes us out of illusion and beyond the ego. A grounded surrender that creates balance and unshakable knowing.
  9. Doorway – Discover the Shadow of the Unseen Veils. Here we breathe life into your soul medicine and knowing. Transforming through the veils of the unseen.
  10. Construct – Discover the Shadow the Known of the box! It is sneaky and seductive, waiting for you to drop your guard for just a moment. Find the center golden light to reclaim your strength and healing.
  11. Sacred Force – Discover the Shadow of Agape/unconditional love. Here we discover the spiritual initiations of the soul as it has devoted its time in within the Sacred Force.
  12. Cosmic Spark – Discover the Shadow of the Star Child. The divine nature and radiance of the self. Reclaiming your destiny path and opening to living life ALIVE.
  13. Resistance – Discover the Shadow of the Struggle. The dead end we place ourselves in out of fear of stepping beyond what is known. Here is where we initiate your medicine in the final process of surrender.
Are ready to step into the flow, examine and transform your shadows and embrace the support of a powerful community experience that will encourage you to open your heart and mind so you can begin living your authentic path?

If You Answered Yes, Then I invite you to Join me for the Golden Shadow Program Today!

Here's What's Included:

  • 13 Lessons for Each Shadow Archetype for 2024-2025
  • 12 LIVE Q&A calls for community support, personal shadow deconstruction, and wisdom monthly channelings.  - CLICK HERE to see monthly Q&A schedule.
  • FULL series on HOW to Transform your Shadows into its Golden Light of Potential 
  • How to work with a Shadow Medicine Bag
  • Community Facebook group for community support and check-ins
  • LIFETIME Access to material online
  •  Plus, a community of like-minded individuals in a judgment-free zone

Program Investment:  

Grab Your Spot Now:  Enrollment closes Feb 23, 2024

Common Questions Our Participants Have BEFORE They Register...

Who is The Golden Shadow Program for?

Anyone who is sick of living the mundane life waiting for the other shoe to drop. Someone who is curious enough to undergo the task of self-reflection, quarterly life reviews, and open to ways of the animist (Shaman or medicine seeker of life). Has practiced self-love and feels comfortable giving yourself space, time, and nurturing when times get tough.

Who is The Golden Shadow Program NOT for?

Self-reflection is the major task of Shadow work. If you are someone who remains in past hurts, needs to be right, needs to have the last word, and speaks over another out of discomfort… then shadow work is NOT for you. You need a healthy level of self-love and devotion to your overall wellbeing.

Shadow work takes courage and our yearly container for our Golden Shadow community is a SAFE environment to express ones struggles, gain different perspectives, and give birth to your authentic nature. In this community we invite our shadows in to ELEVATE and TRANSFORM what has blinded us to date.

How do I know if Shadow Work and this Program is for me?

First,  you’re still reading, so it resonates on some level, but you may still feel reserved about registering.

It's important to remember that the ego plays a large role in keeping our shadows in the shadow out of safety. The ego is trying to protect you from uncovering truths that will empower you to LIVE authentically. The ego fears you will no longer need it. But we cannot live without the ego. We need it! It keeps us safe when it’s balanced, understood, and has a seat at your table for discussion.

Think of the child’s movie “Inside Out” where all the “personalities” of joy, sadness, angry, disgust, and fear grow up in the mind of character Riley. They learn over time that not everything needs to be happy, joyful, and fun. That anger, sadness, fear, and even disgust play a large role in how one navigates the world around them. They are all valid feelings that create the human psyche. This is called emotional intelligence. Something many adults are learning at adult levels while our children today are being supported in evolving with healthy level of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is where the medicine wheel comes into perspective. We learn levels of awareness through ancient medicine of our ancestors. Here at Earth School Shaman, everything is a journey around the wheel. Its complex, yet simple, wisdom unfolds to you each time you embark on this journey.

I am really interested, but I am feeling some resistance, does that mean the program isn't right for me?

I know what its like when there is a call within you that you have stopped yourself from answering for a long time. Emotions bubble to the surface and it’s easier to go play Candy Crush or doom scroll on social media than asking yourself questions.

So why are you still here?  What is that burning feeling inside of you?

I can tell you every time I refused that burning call. Every time life got a little bit more pressurized. A little bit more chaotic. And a little bit more stress and tension were added to my already very full plate. The more I refused the harder it got.

So, what is the lesson? 

That is what we work through in 13 phases! What was and continues to be the lesson for me from the above example… one word… TRUST!

  • So, are you ready now to dive into the reality of your authentic you?
  • Are you ready to uncover your soul medicine through your Golden Shadow?
  • Are you ready to be more in the present and welcome the future than in the past trying to catch up to the present?
  • Are you ready to dedicate time to your journey here with us?
Then I encourage you to  join our
growing community of Golden Shadow Walkers for 2024!
About Your Guide...

I am Sarah Breen, The Earth School Shaman who walks the Shadows of the year evolving, dancing, and flowing with the energy of the NOW. We need to be in the present more than the past! But we cannot fully come out of the past unless we rebalance the shadow it has created. With over 18 years of experience in the trenches of Shadows transformation, my life has taught me to be the Shaman, medicine woman, healer, guide, mentor I was designed to be. Through vast initiations with various Elder Shamans, Crystal Skull Councils, and Energy Medicine modalities; LIFE continues to bear its fruits of wisdom everyday.


What is Expected of me if I choose to participate in the program?
  1. To be open, honest, and ask questions. Questions help you gain the perspective for MASSIVE healing to happen at quantum levels. You don’t know unless you ask. Although Sarah try’s her best to address all factors for Shadow work, archetypal understanding, and projection methods; not all questions may be answered in the monthly sessions. Please follow the group guidelines and safety protocls to make sure your private questions are answered in a timely manner.
  2. Be respectful! Be respectful of your fellow community members. Shadows create triggers which is a natural response to surging emotions. When a community member is processing through a trigger we must not try to resolve the issue for them as that can create more harm than good.
  3. TIME! Give yourself time every week and month to go over the material and processs the themes of the present energy and your life. Treat this as a college degree study into the realm of the Shadow.
How much time do I need for each of the 13 phases/months?

Monthly: Each month’s phase will take you about 45-60 minutes to review the material.

Weekly: Give yourself a weekly reflection time that is adequate for your phase—averages about 1-2 hours per week broken up based upon triggers and reflections.

Live Calls: 60-90 minutes per month for Q&A

What is the schedule for the live Q&A Monthly Calls?

All the Q&A Calls are held at 7pm ET on Monday Nights.  Here is the list of dates for the entire program:

  • 3/11/24
  • 4/15/24
  • 5/20/24
  • 6/17/24
  • 7/15/24
  • 8/19/24
  • 9/16/24
  • 10/21/24
  • 11/18/24
  • 12/16/24
  • 1/20/25
  • 2/17/25
  • 3/10/25

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